IPF Irish Nature Photographer/Photographer of the Year 2019 - Viva Terminal 2! #NPOTY19 #POTY19

I’ve been a little busy of late working with a team of people culminating in a National photography competition over the weekend (I won’t name names but there was pineapple involved).

Along with a whole range of responsibilities I also had the task of collecting the International judges as they arrived into Dublin airport last Friday. Three people I had been in email communication with; but had never met in person.

For over 6 months the process of gathering nearly 2,500 images for this year’s competition began. Multiple sponsors in place, brand new software, answering emails throughout Christmas, regional qualifying rounds - the task lists seemingly endless.

However, all the exhaustion melted away as the first of our judges to arrive was treated to a performance of An Tiarna Talún by the Athenry Music School Orchestra in Terminal 2. Absolute magic!

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